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Doctoral Student
Tijuana Baja California Mexico



Additional information

Master Degree

Master in Sciences of Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

Actual studies

PhD in Sciences of Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

Investigation Topic

 Integral System of Pre-hospital Medical Emergency Unit

General Objectives

Design a localization, relocation and dispatch of pre-hospital emergency unit provider integral system to optimize emergency medical service in the city of Tijuana.

Specific Objectives

Develop mathematical models for the problem of location and relocation of emergency units, given the particular characteristics of emergency medical service, such as Cruz Roja Tijuana and Civil Protection in this case of study

Parametize the models through extensive analysis of local enviroment, including population density, topological and road restriction, as well as historical information about emergency response stadistics.

Develop several solving strategies using mathematical programming thecniques and meta-heuristic algorithms.

Evaluate extensively the proposed models and algorithms.