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PhD Graduated
Tijuana Baja California Mexico



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Bachelor Electromecanic Engineer, Instituto Tecnológico de Acapulco
Master Degree Master in Sciences of Computation Sciences, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

Actual studies

Current Term

PhD in Sciences of Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana

4th semester

Investigation Topic "Species Formation in Behavioral Space for a Robotic System using the spatio-temporal curvature"
Summary In Evolutionary Robotics the goal is using an evolutionary algorithm to generate robotic behaviors capable to solve a given robotic task. In a high level robotic task is intended to find a solution with a minimmum a priori knowledge about how to solve it, and each of the feasible solutions found can be represented by a behavior that could be very different each other. In order to mantain these useful behaviors in the search process, a technique that encourage diversity into the population of feasible solutions must be implemented. The proposal of this work is to use to form species as behavioral diversity technique while the behaviors will be represented by capturing the robot movements using the spatio-temporal curvature, breaking down their behaviors into structural elements in terms of time and space to describe, hopping this method can produce different behaviors but with similar functionality
Research Interests Genetic Programming, Evolutionary Robotics, Behavior-based Search, Novelty Search, Semantics in Evolutionary Algorithms, Geometric in Evolutionary Operators, Pattern Recogntion using Evolutionary Algorithms