EvoSpace-i: a framework for interactive evolutionary algorithms

Conferences Papers
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Currently, a large number of computing systems and user applications are focused on distributed and collaborative models for heterogeneous devices, exploiting cloud-based approaches and social networking. However, such systems have not been fully exploited by the evolutionary computation community. This work is an attempt to bridge this gap, and integrate interactive evolutionary computation with a distributed cloud-based approach that integrates with social networking for collaborative design of artistic artifacts. Such an approach to evolutionary art could fully leverage the concept of memes as an idea that spreads from person to person, within a computational system. In particular, this work presents EvoSpace-Interactive, an open source framework for the development of collaborative-interactive evolutionary algorithms, a computational tool that facilitates the development of interactive algorithms for artistic design. A proof of concept application is developed on EvoSpace-Interactive called Shapes that incorporates the popular social network Facebook for the collaborative evolution of artistic images generated using the Processing programming language. Initial results are encouraging, Shapes illustrates that it is possible to use EvoSpace-Interactive to effectively develop and deploy a collaborative system.

Published in
Proceedings of the fifteenth annual conference companion on Genetic and evolutionary computation conference companion (GECCO '13 Companion)
Volume 7834
Pages 121-132
Date of conference
03-05 Abril 2013
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